1. Why Mobile?  Mobile Grooming offers a stress free environment for you and your pet.  Imagine not having to wrestle your dog in a bag, carrier, golf cart or car.  Imagine having your professional, friendly groomer meet you at your home, work, or happy hour spot?  Your pet will not have to spend hours in a cage surrounded by other barking dogs.  Your pet will get to know their stylist, have the benefit of high end, top of the line products and learn to enjoy their spa day in a positive, professional environment.  Anyone that works for Poochinis participates in continuing education, national certification, competitions and is Pet First Aid and CPR certified including any and all assistants. 

  2. What can I expect when booking an appointment with Poochinis?  You can expect a 5 star, professional service when working with Poochinis.  We will first determine if we have any openings in your area and if we will be a good fit for you.  We will then schedule you an appointment with an hour window of arrival time and collect a non-refundable deposit (applied to your first grooming fee) to hold your first appointment.  When we arrive, we will go over any health concerns and past grooming history and discuss an appropriate hair style and type of product that would be best for your pet.  We will return your pet to your door within 1-2 hours clean, happy and looking like a star!

  3. Do you have any "budget" services or discounts?  Our service is an all inclusive service of convenience therefore we do not discount.  We use the highest quality products and do not charge extra for most services.

  4. What areas do you service?  *** Currently servicing The Villages, Ocala, Summerfield, Belleview and Lady Lake. This can change based on availability and we do update that frequently on this site.  We do NOT service apartment complexes or Condos. 

  5. Do you need to plug in?  We do have a generator and at times we do plug in.  We do carry our own water, have a water heater, heating and air conditioning and are completely climate controlled.

  6. Parking    We are a truck and trailer so we typically park on the street unless you own a farm or have a large circular drive with few trees. 

  7. Can I see the inside of your trailer?  Yes, of course.  We do have photos of the inside of the trailer for you on this website, but we don't mind if you take a peek.  We just ask for privacy when grooming your pet as distractions can make pets very wiggly and that makes it harder to safely work on live animals. 

  8. Do you charge extra for matted pets?  Our service is a maintenance service and our clients  pre-book appointments  every 6 weeks or less to maintain the health and cleanliness of their pet as well as maintain a proper length on nails. Most of our clients don't get matted during that time period and longer hairstyles do require owner brushing and maintenance at home.  However if a pet does become matted or is just starting out with our service, we may need to charge extra to accommodate for the extra time it will take to get your pet back to a well maintained state. 

  9. What is your cancellation policy?  We require 48 hours advance notice for rescheduling without a fee.  We have been holding an appointment time for you and turned away many others who would have liked that appointment time.  Anything less than 48 hours is  not enough time to find someone available to fill that appointment in our schedule.  If you cancel instead of reschedule we will fill your appointments going forward with someone on our wait list.  If you wish to come back you will be placed on our wait list until an appointment in your area becomes available. Multiple cancellations or no-shows will result in permanent removal from our route. 

  10. Is our appointment at a specific time?  Because we are mobile, we operate on time windows of arrival.  Many things can cause a mobile business to run behind including traffic, waiting at gas stations, pets taking longer than anticipated, etc. We want to give each client the time they need without being stressed or rushed.  We will give you a target time but we do ask that you are flexible on your grooming day or take advantage of our latchkey program.

  11. How does your latchkey program work?  So glad you asked!  Most of our clients are not home after the first appointment.  Many of them work, have golf, tennis, errands or other things that keep them busy!  They either give us a key, code or leave the house unlocked, leave payment or we invoice them ahead of time and they leave access to their pet.  If the pet doesn't hide they can be left loose in the house, or in their crate or the bathroom. We do not search for pets or crawl under beds to retrieve them.  When we are done we put the pet back in the house, lock up and leave.